Scrum and Agile Study Guide

Want to learn about Scrum and Agile?

Or you already know Scrum and are considering getting a certification?

SAM9000 Academy just published a new book: Scrum and Agile Study Guide.

This book is a comprehensive guide to learn and master Scrum and Agile.

Unlike other books, it is designed for any industry using or willing to adopt Scrum, instead of only covering the software industry. You will learn how Scrum applies to professional services, consulting, marketing and other businesses.

The advanced chapters and topics cover 100% of the latest Scrum Guide 2020. They will allow you to study and get a professional Scrum Master certification (CSM, PSM, or PSPO), if you decide to.

This Scrum guide interactive e-book is available free, as a trial with limited content, in an online format with interactive questions.

If you prefer, there is also a Kindle version available on
SAM9000 Scrum Study Guide on Kindle.
Also available in paperback at Amazon.

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