Practical Agile: Essential Scrum by example

SAM9000 Academy just published the second book in the Agile series. This second book in the series dives into Scrum from a very practical point of view. Using realistic examples, it demonstrates how to apply all stages of Scrum.

Since most teams use software to help them manage their Agile projects, the book includes many screenshots. These actually show how to do Scrum in real life.

Because Scrum and Agile are becoming more widely used, including outside software engineering, the practical guide shows examples with a marketing team as well as an engineering team. You do not need to know everything about Scrum to pick up this guide; it works for beginners as well as certified Scrum masters.

It also covers the entire team, including product owners. Learn how to manage a product backlog, prioritize it. Then, understand how to plan a sprint, before mastering how to work during the sprint to deliver an increment. What does a sprint review entails and what is the difference between this review and a sprint retrospective.

This guide is the perfect complement to the theory covered in the “Agile and Scrum Study Guide”. Readers can make the transition from theory to practice with confidence, and soon master the subtle nuances of the methodology.

As a special bonus, the guide also covers the special cases of multiple products, multiple projects and multiple teams within the same organization. How does this affect Scrum, practically, and how to setup your project management software for it. The book is printed in full color.

Where to get the book?

The book is available on (and throughout the world on amazon UK, France, Germany, etc..).
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