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2 min readSep 26, 2021


If you are an Agile project manager, Scrum master, product owner, SAM9000 published two books to help you learn or dig deeper into Agile.

These two books in this new series complement each other.
The first book, “Scrum and Agile Study Guide” is focused on the theory and body of knowledge (BOK). It specifically follows the official Scrum guide. This makes it the perfect text book to prepare for Scrum Master certifications (CSM or PSM). After studying this book, you can go to the web site and practice for exam free of charge.

book’s cover of the Practical Agile book, showcasing a laptop with SAM9000 on it.

The second book, “Practical Agile” is focused on how to actually implement Agile. Using fictitious but realistic examples, it shows readers how to plan, run and review Scrum sprints. The book also covers more complex topics like multiple teams in Scrum and managing multiple projects in Agile.

Both books are available on Amazon, in kindle and paperback formats.
The “Scrum and Agile Study Guide” is also available directly from the website as an interactive guide, with multiple choices quiz.

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With a focus on making the complex easy for everyone, SAM9000 uses technology to assist people to be more effective and more efficient.

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