6 ways to use project logs

Some believe project logs are no longer useful for Agile projects. Nothing would be further from the truth.

But what is a project log?

A project log is a tool to record any important information about a project, as they occur, typically with a date. The right level of detail is critical, and you should decide it based on the type of project, duration, etc. Make sure it allows for audits, governance and proper monitoring of the project.

A screenshot of SAM9000 Agile App

6 ways this will help. Format the information for each entry in each log so you can do this:

  • to enable transparency in what happened
  • to help the team to remember
  • to learn from past projects
  • to monitor progress
  • to identify problems
  • to document decisions made

The RAID log does not replace task management or any Scrum activity. It should complement the other project management tools and activities.

Learn more or try it out: SAM9000 Agile project tracking